Monday, October 5, 2009

14 and pregant. . .

When I was doing my OB clinical rotation while still in nursing school, I remember this 14 year old girl coming into the ER after giving birth to a very premature baby boy. She delivered this baby at home in the toilet.

She told the doctors she didn't know she was pregnant. She was dieting because she couldn't figure out why she was gaining weight. Then she was hurting pretty bad and went to the bathroom. Low and behold, she lost all that weight she had gained, right into the toilet!!!

She ended up being fine, the baby went to the NICU and never went home with his 14 year old mother. Instead he went home with a foster family after living in the hospital for about a month. He had no one except for the nursing staff and doctors for the first month of his life. What happened to him after that I will never know. I just have to trust that he is still alive, happy and healthy and with a forever family who loves him as their own.

What concerns me is that this 14 year old girl was pregnant and her mother didn't have a clue. What are we teaching our kids these days? Are we talking to them or are they learning by our actions? How can things like this happen?

I know it is not all that uncommon anymore for a young girl this age to be pregnant but are we doing anything to stop it from happening? These kids aren't ready to be raising kids. They can't even take care of themselves let alone be responsible for another life. Who is teaching them to respect themselves? Where was this baby's daddy?

My heart breaks each time I think of this situation. It has been 6 years since this incident happened. Where is this baby now? He would be in school already. Does he know someone loves him?

My heart breaks that we don't pay enough attention to our children to let them be children. . . to teach them what is right. . . .to give them what they need and deserve.



  1. Amen I totally agree. 14 way too young and to know you aren't pregnant unbelievable that the mom was so out of tune with her kids. I can tell by the way a mouth is hung if there is something wrong with any of my nieces or nephews. Parents are too overwhelmed by trying to make ends meet that they forget about the most important thing...the kids.

  2. okay I am back to ask you a question. YOUR signature says it's through photo Bucket? I clicked over and I have an account already. Where or how do you do your signature? I can't find it HELP :-) thank you, dar

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Too often it's the fault of sexual abuse, which is something we never fully address in this nation. It's long past time.

  4. Darsden - I don't know how parents get so out of touch with their kids!! I would know if something was up with mine!

    Sandi - You are right that all too often it is sexual abuse and it is overlooked. However, many many times it is NOT sexual abuse and that as well is overlooked. 14 yrs old is WAY TOO young to be having sex!!!