Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is it wrong to need people to be sick. . . .?

"When you're a nurse you know that
every day you will touch a life
or a life will touch yours.
-- Anonymous
Ok, so this is going to be quickie! It was jut running through my mind how a census can change so quickly at a hospital. I heard this past week that a major hospital in our city was on diversion. We received alot of admits because of this. Our census went way way up. Which for me is a great thing because I get to work. Then this week, census is way, way, way low. I have been scheduled for three shifts so far and only worked one of them. I was cancelled the other two! This is not good when you are nonbenefited!
So is it bad to want people to be sick? Because my job and lively hood depends on it?
Or maybe I should just pray that the people who are already sick and at home and refusing to get medical attention for whatever reason, FINALLY decide to show up so we can make them well!!!
THERE! That is better. I don't want people to be sick so I can do my job!!! Just want the sick people to use their heads and get help.
Good grief, I hope I don't get cancelled tonight. This is certainly messing up my sleep pattern!!! I sleep all day then try to go to work then get cancelled then up all night!
Gotta run!!! Got to get ready for work!!!



  1. People are always going to be sick and more so as the years pass and the boomers age. So there is no way you're willing them to be ill just so you can work, they just are and will continue to be in greater and greater numbers.

  2. How about if we just pray that God will direct all those sick people in your town or city to your hospital?

  3. Goodness, I feel your pain. I am PRN in labor and delivery. I finally, PTL, got a full time position in our hospitals main pediatric clinic. Pay cut but at least there are benefits!

  4. Southern Drawl - glad to hear you got a full time position! That is wonderful! At least you have hours! I will be consistently picking up extra shifts just to cover myself in case I get called off from my regular schedule. Having to really think ahead of this game until the "dry spell" ends.