Monday, June 8, 2009

Were You Suprised?

A very good friend of mine was working as a CNA about 15 or more years ago. It was one of her first days on orientation and the girl that was working with her sent her into a room of a gentleman that had parkinsons to give him a bed bath.

She went in and did everything by the book. This man was very alert and oriented, and she was very careful to keep his dignaty and keep all parts covered that weren't being washed at that moment. When she pulled the covers back to wash his "parts" she was suprised at what she saw. Her face turned all shades of red as she gently covered him back up and said she would be back to finish in a few minutes.

She left his room and went to find the girl who was training her. When she found her in the hallway she was standing around with a few other CNA's laughing hysterically. My friend simply looked at her preceptor and asked, "Is he always that way or was he just happy to see me?" What the preceptor neglected to tell my friend was that this particular 70'something year old man had a penile implant.

My friend had never seen one before so she had no idea what was going on. After she regained her composure she went back into this mans room and finished the bath with all appropriateness. This story became one frequently told as one of the best moments at this particular nursing home. I think she became a legend that day.



  1. Since I imagine he was use to a variety of initial reactions, I am sure that probably made him smile and made his day :)

  2. No Way! That would have totally caught me off guard too!