Monday, June 22, 2009

Uninterested. . . .

I have been tagged by Deanna over at Mops and Pops Place.
I am to identify 6 uninteresting things that I love and then pass this task on to 6 others. This is not as easy at it sounds. I think my life overall is pretty uninteresting and how fun is it to share uninteresting things with people who don't know you well, ya know like all 12 of you who actually take time out of your busy day to read this blog.

So I guess here goes. . .

1. I love to people watch - I could go to the mall and sit there for hours on end just watching people. I don't really like to shop so sitting on a bench would suite me just fine! You can learn alot about a person just watching.

2. I do love spreadsheets (not that I like to admit it - so let's just keep this between us ok???) - keeping a list and putting things into a spreadsheet keeps me organized. Sometimes it is the only way to take what is twirling around in my head and make it make sense. I have done a spreadsheet for house cleaning, for how to care for our dogs, for our finances, for vacation planning, for items needed to be purchased (when we were building our house), for my work schedule. . . you name it and I can make a spreadsheet for it. Most people I know think this is pretty "geeky" (is that a real word??), but it works for me!

3. I love to read other blogs - my family thinks it is crazy, and mostly a waste of time, but I love to have that little window into the lives of other people. Maybe because it takes my mind off of mine for a while, maybe because their life is a little more exciting than mine, or maybe because it makes mine look less crazy. Who knows, but I do love it.

4. Crossword Puzzles - this is a new thing for me. But I am starting to like it. . . does that mean I am getting old. I always thought it was older people who did crosswords, but I caught myself searching the hospital giftshop the other day for a crossword puzzle book that I could actually do. You know the easy ones. That is where it all started. They banned facebook from the hospital computers so on my downtime at night when all patients are sleeping and things are quiet (however we never ever ever EVER say that "Q" word outloud!!!!!). I have been working crossword puzzles. Unfortunately for me, my nights have not been "Q" enough lately to even have a chance to pee, so that book is not good and broke in yet.

5. I absolutely love love love musicals!!!!! - We own a ton of DVD's and given the choice I would rather watch a musical than any other kind of movie. And better yet. . . see it in real life! I don't think I have many friends or even family that share this same love for music and theater and I don't get to do it near as often as I would like. I could probably name every song from every Rogers and Hammerstein musical. If there was a trivial pursuit category on musicals, you would definately want me on your team! I love them! My dream (in regards to musicals) is to see a real live Broadway show actually on Broadway!

6. I check the obituaries daily - does that totally make me strange? Many of my friends would say so. However, I have cared for many many people in my career. And sometimes that is the only way to find out what ever happened to them. You can learn alot about a person from their obit. Ok, so don't think I am totally nuts or obsessed with death. I just like to be in the know. . . ya know?

This did take some thinkin' power. But now I am supposed to pass this along to 6 other people, to do the same. Please check out their blogs as I have listen them because I feel they are worth reading. I am choosing blogs I read often but don't comment on alot. I have to admit I am a terrible commenter, even though I love love love it when people comment on my blog. Guess I will have to work on that huh?

the cutest little girl I have seen in a
really really long time.
She also gives her mama
lots and lots to blog about!!
An adoptive mom, Air Force wife, and crockpot cook.
Great recipes, stories about a sweet
brown eyed baby girl, and a woman of great
strength raising a baby while
her husband is deployed.
Our heros are our soliders AND their families!!!
A neurologist who totally cracks me up!
Maybe because I love neurology who knows.
I can totally relate to many of his stories though.
A new blogger who inspires me every day!
She has a great positve outlook on life and can
always find the sun shining even
when there are clouds.
Go check her out and welcome her to blogland!
A fairly new RN working in the Emergecy Department.
She has some great stories to tell and it is so
nice to see and hear from a yet
unjaded, compassionate nurse.
A nursing student and single mom of three children.
This alone makes her my new hero!!
A blog I have been reading but for some reason am
not able to comment on. I click on the comment link
and nothing happens. So I hope she reads this and
knows that I am tagging her and reading her
blog and cheering her on in the wonderful adventrue she is on!
OH. . and don't worry 1/5 IV starts isn't terrible!
You will get the hang of it. It is totally a practice makes perfect thing!
Ok, so go check out those blogs, show them some love and get tagging!! This is a great way to learn more about the people reading your blog and those you read. It is also kinda fun!



  1. Aha! So, are you making sure your not dead yet, in to Obits you are reading?(just kidding) You have to live to be over 100 because I cannot imagine the world of nursing without you and your great big heart!

  2. Funny Sharon, but the truth is some days I wonder. . . and I guess I just need to check to make sure I'm still kickin' it! Thanks for the comment. It is really sweet. I am sure the world of nursing would go on and on. Hopefully we are raising up the new nurses to feel compassion for their patients, and passion for their job!